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The products manufactured at our plant are manufactured on German equipment, which confirms our quality and reliability.

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Travertine #1

Our company offers facade decoration with a very interesting material Liquid Travertine

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Travertine #2

Travertine plaster is a decorative coating for wall decoration

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Travertine #3

Travertine is a natural lime decorative plaster that has an excellent appearance and strength similar to marble

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Internal water dispersion paint 14kg

The use of water-dispersion acrylic paint is an interior decoration for dry rooms.

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Internal water dispersion paint 4kg

The use of water-dispersion acrylic paint is an interior decoration for dry rooms.

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Washable water dispersion paint 14kg

Technical description: High quality, moisture resistant, super white, economical, consumable water – dispersion paint based on emulsion copolymer.

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Internal gypsum plaster 20 кг

Even homeowners who are far from the basics of construction would not think to question the need for finishing work during the renovation process.

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Facade cement putty 20 kg

Facade putty is a paste-like material intended for leveling surfaces made of various materials

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Гипсовая финишная шпатлёвка 20кг ± 2%

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Acrylic primer 2.8 kg

An acrylic primer enhances the adhesion of various building materials.

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Gypsum-based dry mortar 25 кг ± 2%

Dry construction mixture is a multicomponent dry powder that, when diluted with water, turns into a plastic solution for the desired purpose.

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Tile adhesive 25 кг ± 2%

Tile adhesive is a dry construction mixture that is used for installation of ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware

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Reinforced tile glue 25kg ± 2%

(Русский) Ассортимент смесей для наклеивания плитки, предлагаемых сегодня производителями, огромен.

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Delivery is free

When ordering any paint from 200 kg

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Primer as a gift

When ordering paint from 100 kg. preparatory soil as a gift.

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